Online Money Making Ideas – Use Them to Put Money in Your Account Today (Part 2)

Online money making ideas are all around us each and every day. Each of these ideas if harnessed and turned into a product or products that are properly marketed could translate into money in the bank.

One such example could be to develop a very simple internet business around the recent cash for gold trend.

My friend’s back end could be an opportunity to become an affiliate in trading gold bullions that requires training to qualify or an opportunity to invest in the business for a fixed percentage return.

Alternatively he could find other affiliate products to promote. Next he would have to find other gold websites, blogs and forums and buy banner and text ads and advertise.

In his ad he could offer a free report with an attention grabbing title. “Free Gold Report Reveals How to Make Money from the Current Gold Rush – Sells the Shovels.” He can get the banners done rather cheaply if he does not know how.

The free report sells the eBook and MP3 recording. The CDs and or DVDs would be the up sell. He could do an additional product for people who would actually want to get involved in the actual buying and selling of the physical gold.

Once you get people on your mailing list you can now start emailing different offers. He can set up additional profit centres. The sales of his initial product will cover all his traffic generation costs. His $ 67 product is where to count his profit from.

Assuming he added additional back end products he will be generating an income from that as well. He could even set up a membership site that will bring in recurring income.

Above are many online money making ideas you can apply to the niche you are currently involved in.