Money Making Websites – How You Can Make Money With Your Website

You can find ads for money making websites all over the internet. However, just because you have a website that in no way guarantees you an income. So many marketers ask the question, “How can I make money with my website?” It’s a good question and this article will give you some good answers to help you along.

Get Leads

This is no secret. If you are going to be successful in selling anything, you’ll need some qualified leads. These leads are prospects that have raised their hand and basically told you they would like more information about your company or your offer. In order to collect these leads you’ll need an auto responder on your website. You’ll also need something of value to offer them in exchange for their email and name. Pretty straight forward. You’ll find that all online marketers do this.

Sell Quality Products To Your List (Leads)

Once you have leads in your sales funnel, you’ll develop a strong relationship with your list (leads). Communicate with them regularly (at least once a week) via email and offer them a lot of free help. Then, once you have developed a relationship with your list, offer them a product you are selling. It does not have to be your own product, you can be an affiliate for a product as well, and that works great.

Put Affiliate Links In Your Free Report

When you offer a special report to your visitors on your website, make sure you can put some links in the special report so if they click the link and buy, you’ll receive a commission. That way, even if they never come back to your site, but they have opted in for the free report, you can still make a sale.

Traffic, Traffic, Traffic

Remember, selling is a numbers game. Good money making websites usually have a lot of visitors each day. So don’t be afraid to invest some time and money in some quality web traffic. Without quality web traffic the odds are stacked against you. You want as many eyeballs on your site a possible.