Internet Money-Making Tips – Build Your List With A Free Compelling Offer

Even if you have been investigating internet money-making systems for only a short while you will have heard the expression – the money is in the list. Many online entrepreneurs who have achieved success online will tell you that their online income has been made from the subscribers on their lists. This success is achieved by building a list of prospective customers who have an interest in your niche area. The size of the list is not as important as the way in which you interact with your list members. Nurturing a relationship with them in a way that allows them to begin to trust you, like what you do and eventually know you well enough to make a purchase from you is very important. This is the correct way to build your list.

Before we can do this though, we need to discover how to get them to click that button to join our list. We can do this by creating a free compelling offer which is in a way an ethical bribe in exchange for their name and email addresses.

What is this free giveaway that we are going to give our prospective customers? The free giveaway is usually a short special report which is about four to eight pages long. It must be on a topic that is relevant to our niche area, and it must offer some valuable interesting content for which our visitors are probably looking. Ideally your short report should be answering a question they are asking. So how can you find out what questions people in your niche are asking?

At first this may seem to be quite a difficult task but once you know how it is really quite simple. The answer lies in finding forums in your niche. Here you will find that people are discussing issues that they are struggling with and the answers are being given to them in the form of replies and comments on a forum thread. So all you really have to do to create one of these special, free reports with which to build your list is to find a thread from a forum that has many replies and comments. Rewrite the answers in your own words and package it up as a short report.

So, as you can see, it is quite easy to create a free report with original, valuable content that your subscribers will be wanting to read and will be prepared to give their names and email addresses in exchange.