Internet Money-Making Explanations – What Is A Squeeze Page

If you are considering starting your own internet money-making system and have been doing a bit of research you have probably come across the term “squeeze page” and may have been wondering just what is a squeeze page?

A squeeze page is also known by some other names such as opt in page, landing page and lead capture page. These words are all used to describe a simple, one page website which is created in a special way so that it captures the names and email addresses of visitors to that page. Squeeze pages do not have any other purpose at all. If a visitor comes across one of these landing pages they will be able to do one of two things – either enter their details or leave the page.

An online entrepreneur creates a squeeze page in such a way that it does not sell anything. The one and only purpose is to encourage visitors to sign up to or opt in to a list that is being built by the owner of the page. If you study examples of these pages you will notice that nothing is for sale but, there is a free compelling offer which is available to access. This free offer may be in the form of a special report. As this report encourages the visitor to leave their details in exchange for the report, it acts as a kind of ethical bribe if you like.

As the free report is being traded in exchange for the visitors details, it must offer something that the visitor will want, is of a high quality and will answer some question or solve a problem the visitor may be experiencing. If your free offer has these qualities then it will be more likely that a visitor will say yes to giving you their details.

You may now be thinking that is all very well, now I understand just what is a squeeze page, but why is it important? This special one page website is a key tool in the success of your future online business because it is the means by which you will build your business email list. Why is it important to build your list? The reason why we build a list is because that is where the money is to earned. All successful internet marketers will tell you that all of their income is derived from the members of their email list. If you build up a list of people who are interested in what you are doing, and then carefully nurture a relationship with them so that they come to know, like and trust you, you will be able to promote relevant products to them and so earn an income.

So, as you can see, the key to building a successful internet money-making system starts off with understanding just what is a squeeze page and how it fits into the process of building your business email list.