Internet Money-Making Explained – Building A List Of Targeted Prospective Customers

Once you have spent some time researching your niche and have chosen a profitable one, then it is time to learn the skills to begin building a list. This list needs to be built with the names and email addresses of people who are interested in your niche topic – in other words they are a targeted list of prospective customers.

Building a list of potential customers in your niche area is the single, most important task you need to master to become really successful in creating an online business, and achieving that dream of a laptop lifestyle. The reason why so many fail in their internet money- making endeavours is because they do not understand how powerful it is to have a list of targeted customers who know, like and trust what you promote to them. This process is called relationship marketing and, if done correctly, can be like a tap which you can turn on and off at will to earn an income online.

Understand the principle that you really only want to be building a list of visitors to your site who are interested in what your niche is all about.

In order to get the visitors to your site to part with their details of names and email addresses, you will need to offer them something of value and interest to them. We call this a compelling offer. The easiest way to create a compelling offer is to write a short, special report which has information on a topic of interest and which will solve a problem for your potential customers.

To find out what issues or problems the people in your niche might be experiencing, you need to frequent the forums where they meet to discuss such issues. Therefore, it makes sense to visit and get involved in the forums in your niche and ask questions and post comments. Make a list of the questions people are asking in the forums and then find the answers to them. Use your answers to make up a special report. As a result you should be able to construct a short report which may address some problem they are discussing. Once you have created your compelling offer, post a link to it in the forum telling the members that it is a free report which they can access by visiting your squeeze page.

As you can see, it will not be long before you are receiving some targeted visitors to your squeeze page who will then sign up to your list in order to access the free special report.