How to Write Money-Making “How-To” Reports for Fun and Profit

Writing “How-To” reports can be profitable if you know how.

Your “Money making” reports can range from 5 pages in length to about 20 pages in length.

These reports outline instructions on

· Solving a problem

· Making more money

· Saving Money

· Achieving a goal etc etc. etc.

In addition, your report can be a mini series of tips on a particular topic, mini-booklets, blueprints or even guides telling people how to do something.

The most successful “How-To” reports are written by individuals with knowledge of the subject.

For example, work-at-home mothers can write reports on time saving tips for managing a home while working from home, or other leisure pursuits such as compiling a recipe book, budget roads trips for the family. No matter what your topic, the most important thing is to get started.

How to Write Your Report

Writing a report can be difficult if this is your first attempt. But with systems you can get your report written faster. Here’s several ways you can make the writing faster.

· Brainstorm the main and sub-topics you like to include for your report.

· Create an outline

· Do your research

· Organised your research and merge it into your outline

· Begin writing in a conversational style as if you were talking about this to your neighbour.

Ways to Sell Your Report

Once you have written your report, the next step lies in marketing and selling the report.

With the Internet, you can begin marketing your report to a group who is interested in this report without spending a lot of money. One of the ways is to create a mini website promoting this report. In addition, you can also set up a blog on this topic and write a series of related articles on the subject of your report and sell your report from there. Other ways you can sell your report includes

· Advertising on forums. For example if your report is about dog training, you can find advertise on forums for dog owners who are interested to train their own dogs.

· Advertise using Pay-per-click ads on

· Do a joint venture with a local merchant and provide a percentage of sales for every report sold at their place of business.

· Sell to associations. This is the approach many self-published authors take to earn vast amounts of cash fast. Once they have written a report on say buying a BMW at $50 over dealer price. They can sell it an association for owners of BMWs. In addition they can also sell advertising space for businesses interested to do business with owners of BMWs.

Thus making an extra stream of income on the side is possible through the selling of reports.