Extra Money Making Idea – Create A Product

There is hardly anybody who would not want to make some extra money. Many, if not most, of these people, are looking for a short term solution, often without being prepared to put in the necessary work. As such, they tend to be sucked in to the many scams promising easy money which abound on the internet.

If you are prepared to do some work and follow a different kind of extra money making idea, you can do a lot better than the lazy people who expect to find success without having to work for it. Few people realize quite how cheap and easy it is to create your own product, and try to sell it in the marketplace.

Digital information products are the best extra money making idea that you can find, because they can be produced at no cost whatsoever, and sold many times over. If you download the free Open Office software, you can write reports and ebooks on your home computer, and turn them into PDF format, the format in which most information products are sold.

It is a big surprise that such extremely useful and popular software is available free of charge, but it is. Not only that, but you can create audio products for free as well, provided you have a microphone. The Audacity software that allows you to do this is also free.

The essential part of this extra money making idea is to find an area of interest on which to write your report, an area where people are looking for information and prepared to pay for it. If you can find something which satisfies a desperate need, so much the better. You can do this research by looking at search engine news sites for hot topics, or by searching online forums in whatever subject is of interest to you.

Here’s the key: Find questions that people are regularly asking, and find the answers to those questions, and you have the seed of a profitable product.

You then need to build a website from which to sell your product. If you use free hosting, your extra cash making idea genuinely can be set up for no outlay. It is better, if you can, to invest a small amount in a domain name and professional hosting, but these are very cheap and will be your only outlay.

You can advertise for free by going back into the same forums where the questions were being asked, and posting with your website mentioned in your signature. This is extremely targeted advertising, as you are presenting your answers to the very people who asked the questions in the first place.